Financial Needs

Feeling stable in the present with respect to the future is achieved through comprehensive knowledge of your own financial circumstances.

Retirement Plan

  • Fidelity Investment - The retirement plan for new house staff is optional, but at your one-year anniversary and the completion of 1,000 service hours, you will automatically enrolled the mandatory level. The mandatory contribution is fixed at 3% of your salary and is matched 100% dollar-for-dollar by Vanderbilt.


  • Supplement Long-Term Disability - Your earning potential is your most valuable asset, and it's vital to protect that income in case an injury or illness prevents you from working for an extended period of time. Group (employer benefits) are not sufficient to protect that income and individual benefits stack on top of any group benefits you may receive. Offered to House Staff through Marsh & McLennan Agency, coverage is available with competitive discounted unisex rates and no medical underwriting. These policies are fully portable when you leave training and are specialty specific. This option is best for most residents because of the cost, quality of coverage and no medical underwriting. It is the best option on the market for all female physicians because of the unisex rates and all those with health issues because of no medical underwriting. All House Staff are eligible if actively at work for the past 180 days and haven’t been declined for individual disability in the past 7 years.
    For more information on how to enroll please use the contact information listed below.
    Phone : (919)418-8630.
    Email : Marc.Flur@MarshMMA.
    Please Note: This benefit has been vetted through VUMC Human Resources office and is an optional benefit which requires action from the individual House Staff.

Loan Information

Please Note: For deferments and loan forgiveness, contact Sonya at (615)322-7820 or send an email to:
Below is a list of links on how Vanderbilt can help you through a financial situation, government funded loans you can take as a house staff and applications for Public Service For Forgiveness.
  • Managing Finances During Residency - Provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges, this page offers residents and fellows valuable resources and next steps in handling your loans, determining which loan repayment option is best for you, and providing information about available loans.
  • Faculty/Staff Hardship Fund - Established in 1994, this funding assists Vanderbilt faculty and staff who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a life event. To begin the application process please call:
    Phone : (615)936-1327
  • VUMC Travel and Expense - Providing traveling employees with excellent, easy-to-use technology tools to support those travling on Vanderbilt University Medical Center business.
  • Income Drive Repayment - Helps borrowers keep their loan payments affordable based on their income and family size.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness(PSLF) Program - To qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program you must be enrolled in an income-driven program. After you make 120 qualifying monthly payments while working full-time for a qualifying public service employer, this program forgives the remaining balance on your federal District Loans.


Vanderbilt Discounts

You can sign up for employee discounts in accordance to your needs, browse through Vanderbilt staff discount benefits from human resources and even check out limited time offers for events and services in the Nashville area.
  • Discounts Offered - Contains a list of discounts in the surrounding area. Please note: you must log in to account to view the page.
  • VUMC Discounts Listserv - Sign up for employee discounts via listserv and you will reeive emails about new discounts, limited time offers and more. Just log in using your VUnetID and password then click on "Subscriber's Corner".
  • Vanderbilt Commodores - All VUMC house staff are eligible to apply for discounted Vanderbilt athletic tickets while supplies last. Contact the Vanderbilt Athletic Department Ticket office.
    Phone : (615)322-GOLD(4653).